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The 38 investors of the online cryptocurrency community who want their BTC back, Informally known as "The People Vs Daniel Turner alias Doede Osman Khan"



Daniel Turner

Regarding the Internet Scammer named Doede Osman KHAN known online by the alias of Danny and Daniel Turner

We are a group of online investors who provided a person named Daniel Turner ('Danny') with investment money in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency (abbreviated as BTC). We later found out (after much work separating the deception from the truth) that his real name is Doede Osman Khan and that he lives with his family in the town of Loggerheads, Shropshire, in the United Kingdom. We are accusing him of taking our investment money and refusing to give it back to us. We are no longer willing to listen to his excuses and promises, and no longer believe that he will pay us back our investments out of his own initiative and personal honesty. The money that was provided to Doede Osman Khan (under the alias of Daniel Turner) by his investors was originally assessed as having a value of £240,000 as of 29 Apr 2019, but due to the rising value of Bitcoin over the past few months is now assessed as worth £725,000. The following is a summary of how these events came to pass.

Danny Gains Our Trust

The person who called himself Daniel Turner started his online group called Crypto Signals Group in Oct 2018 using the application known as Telegram, with accounts for this group also created on the websites Facebook and Wix. Between Oct 2018 and Jan 2019 he acquired a group of up to 250 members who paid Danny in Bitcoin cryptocurrency (a) a fee to join his group, (b) a fee to receive training from his training videos, and (c) a fee to receive 'signals' for tips on trading cryptocurrency online. Daniel Turner appeared to be a genuine person, who described himself as an entrepreneur who wanted to help others earn a living through cryptocurrency trading. Daniel Turner provided his group members with many examples of his personal life and identity, referring to his wife Alana and his daughter, including family photos, and conducted numerous live conference calls where he talked about the services he offered and teaching group members how to trade cryptocurrencies for themselves. Turner stated on several occasions between 01 Nov 2018 and 01 Mar 2019 (in text postings and in videos) that he would return investment funds back to investors, in full, at any time they wished, acknowledging that the BTC given to him to invest was never his possession to keep indefinitely.

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is completely legal, and is very similar to the stock market and Forex trading. It is estimated that there are over 1600 actively traded cryptocurrencies worldwide. Thousands of private citizens and public corporations trade in cryptocurrency on a daily basis, using legitimate publicly registered and incorporated trading platforms, with traders including major financial institutions worldwide, plus famous brand name and Fortune 500 companies. The cryptocurrencies being traded are like stocks that increase and decrease in value based on investor interest and investment, and has a market capital worth over 100 billion US Dollars. In some ways, investing in cryptocurrencies is similar to investing in historic paintings, antique cars, rare stamps, or vintage comic books; their monetary value can range up and down but in general these items hold their value.

Daniel Takes Our Bitcoin Investments

Things went well for the CSG group members up until Feb 2019. All of the group members placed their trust in Daniel, with some persons in the group having known the person who called himself Daniel Turner for almost two years, and vouching for Daniel’s credibility and honesty to other group members. There were postings on the Internet at that time (i.e. Tara Talks) that referred to Daniel Turner as a scam artist, but Daniel convinced the group members that these accusations were not true. He constantly offered to return fees and investments back to group members if they weren’t happy with his services. Based on that trust and the online 'family' connection he encouraged, he convinced up to 50 members of this group to invest in his trading bots and demonstrated that they would actually generate the profits that he had promised. Investors paid 0.1 BTC for a 'Small Bot' share, and 1.5 BTC for a 'Large Bot' share. On 13 Feb 2019, Danny provided his first payout to investors, paying each investor an average of 25-30% of their BTC investment back as a dividend they had earned by investing with him for the first month. The next payout was scheduled for 13 Mar 2019.

How Much Money Is That In Dollars and Pounds?

While the exact amount of money given to Daniel is unconfirmed, a review of all of his Crypto Signal Group wallets used to receive money from members indicated that between Oct 2018 and Feb 2019 Daniel Turner received over 150 Bitcoin from fees, training, and investments into his CSG wallets. These BTC were then transferred them from the CSG wallets to his personal wallet on cryptocurrency trading platforms at Binance and BitPanda. When Daniel received the Bitcoin between Oct 2018 and Feb 2019, the value of each Bitcoin fluctuated between $6,576.53 (on 1 Oct 2018) to $3,222.67 (on 14 Dec 2018); by 01 Feb 2019 the value of one Bitcoin was $3,473.51 US Dollars. If you use the price of Bitcoin as of 01 Feb 2019, times 150 Bitcoin, then Daniel received about $521,000 US Dollars (equal to £398,000 UK Pounds) worth of Bitcoin from his group members. Regardless of currency used, that is a lot of money received by Daniel Turner over a five month period.

The First Signs Of Trouble

Although Daniel Turner identified himself as a businessman and an entrepreneur who successfully ran several business, group members were often troubled by his poor leadership and management skills between Oct 2018 and Feb 2019. Daniel did not like to have his opinions challenged or to be corrected; such person who did the challenging or correcting were often booted by Daniel from the group, without any compensation for any funds they might have paid for group memberships or access to training videos. Daniel Turner was also paranoid about security and distribution of his trading information, again booting out any persons he suspected of passing his information on to other groups. Daniel also told group members not to keep records of their transactions or to make copies of online messages, mostly due to Daniel’s fears about 'regulators' or having to pay taxes on his money. Daniel forbid members from creating any new groups where they could talk to each other without himself being involved. Regarding business operations, Daniel changed the rules as he went along, changing the fees being charged, changing the services being offered, and finally lumping together fees and training. It was almost like Daniel was making it up as he went along, and all of it without consulting or providing warning of changes to any of his group members. This became a point of concern for investors in the middle of Mar 2019. Just before the second payout was due to be paid to investors on 13 Mar 2019, Daniel Turner changed how much money he was going to pay his investors: instead of paying 25-30% he would pay them in US dollar values, regardless of the exchange rate. And second, he wasn't going to pay anyone on 13 Mar, instead deciding to pay everyone at the end of the month, and then delaying payment again to 03 Apr 2019. The group members were not happy with this decision, but were afraid to speak up in case Daniel got mad at them and kicked them out of the group.

Daniel Betrays His Investors

On 03 Apr 2019, the day that Daniel Turner had promised to pay his investors, Daniel tried to disappear with all of his investors' money. Daniel transferred the last 19 BTC in CSG company BTC wallets on 31 Mar 2019 to his own personal BTC wallet on Binance without the knowledge of his partner nor his investors. He shut down all of the Crypto Signals Group accounts on Telegram. He shut down the CSG website on Wix. He deleted the CSG account on Facebook. Two group members managed to get through but when Daniel answered and found out who was calling, he hung up on them, after which he ignored or blocked telephone calls to his number. He did not reply to email messages. No BTC was paid to any investors. Even more important, Daniel had isolated all of his group members from himself, from CSG and from each other, by shutting down all of the CSG accounts. Unfortunately for Daniel, all of his comments about creating an online 'family' were believed by the group members. In ones and twos and threes and fours, they reconnected with each other through personal friendships and rebuilt their community, and then tried to figure out what was going on.

Daniel Starts Telling Stories

Between 13 Mar 2019 and 13 Apr 2019, Daniel told different stories to different people explaining why he hadn’t paid anyone. He told some group members that he was under a lot of stress and was taking a break. He told a different group member that he was in Holland helping his son find a new place to live and didn’t have access to his Bitcoin wallets. He told another group member that his emails had been hacked and he was going offline. He told yet another person that a family member had accessed his accounts and stolen all of the Bitcoin he had. To yet another person he said that he was getting a divorce from his wife and she had control of his Bitcoin. In still another story he told to yet another person, his wife had filed for divorce, his wife had a new boyfriend, that he had crashed his car into her house and beaten up the boyfriend, and that he was no running from the law (or had gotten arrested, the person wast sure exactly how the story ended). The group members were confused. Was Daniel in trouble or had he tried to run off with their BTC investments? How long did 'benefit of the doubt' last? Messages came from Daniel’s business partner stated that Daniel was trying to sort out his personal life and needed time, but that he would pay all his investors on 13 Apr 2019. The group members waited. The 13 Apr 2019 arrived. And Daniel stayed silent and paid no one. He did not respond to anyone at all. Group members started to worry: had Daniel been arrested? Was Daniel in jail? Was he in Holland? As it turns out, while group members were concerned for Daniel’s well-being and sent messages of support that he did not reply to, Daniel was actually out of town for the rest of the month. Danny had taken their money and then posted photos on his Facebook account showing that he had taken his wife, his daughter, and the family dog to a resort town in Wales for the next two weeks.

The Group Takes Action

What does a bank do when a lender does not pay a scheduled payment after 30 days? What does a credit card company do when a creditor refuses to pay a debt? What does any person do when someone takes their money or possessions and refuses to give them back? You go after that person and demand the payment of debts owed. As of 13 Apr 2019, the 38 former members of the Crypto Signals Group formed by Daniel Turner reformed themselves into a new Telegram group called 'The People Vs Daniel Turner'. They have one mission: to get their Bitcoin investments back from Daniel Turner. Since at least 30 days had passed since Daniel Turner missed the first payment on 13 Mar 2019, the group members decided they needed to confirm all information about Daniel Turner. One of their group members had access to a private investigation company who assisted them in their efforts.

Daniel Turner Is Actually Doede Osman Khan

The investigator working for the group put together a report that was completed on 27 Apr 2019. The report was completed in 12 days; is 74 pages in length; has 444 source documents; has 51 supplemental image documents; and 88 supporting documents capturing vital information. The most important thing that the report confirmed was that Daniel Turner was an alias used by a person named Doede Osman Khan, and had been used by Khan as far back as 2010. Although Daniel claimed that he had legally changed his name, he was still using the name of Danny Turner at the same time as the name of Doede Osman Khan. While trading cryptocurrencies online under the name of Danny Turner he was operating businesses in Shropshire under the name of Doede Osman Khan. Both Daniel and Doede had a wife named Alana and both had a daughter with the same name, both of whom used the last name of Khan. Both Daniel Turner and Doede Osman Khan used the same telephone number; they both lived at the same house number on Church Street in Ashley, UK; they both moved to a new house on Hunters Point in Loggerheads, UK. They both are involved in power generator companies; they are both involved in real estate properties. The photos showing these two people show the exact same person in each photo beyond a doubt. Beyond a reasonable doubt, Doede Osman Khan could be proven in a court of law the he was the same person as Daniel Turner.

Getting Doede Osman Khan's Attention

The group members have consensus that Turner/Khan had blocked attempts by group members to contact him starting 31 Mar 2019, and Turner/Khan was making no reasonable effort to contact group members except on his own terms of one-way conversations (that gave them no opportunity to respond) up to 27 Apr 2019 (the date the redacted report was first posted). In fact, by this time his Daniel Turner alias had started new channels on Telegram under the name of Trading Signals, pretending that it was 'business as usual' to his former group members. Doede Osman Khan (alias Daniel Turner) should have been able to contact every single group member but he refused to communicate with them. All of his new channels denied any person the capability to post information, and had made no attempt to pay them back their investments. In order to force Turner/Khan to communicate with them, the group members opened up web pages posting a redacted report and sent messages to anyone who lived in the Shropshire area, all with a single message to Turner/Khan: (a) we know who you really are (b) we want our money back (c) and we want you to come and talk with us. Doede resisted for several days, but in the end he came to the Telegram group as he was told and engaged in a conversation. As part of good faith in the bargaining process these documents about Doede Osman Khan were removed from the group members pages.

Dealing With Doede Osman Khan (1)

Like any person who tries to steal something and run away, Doede Osman Khan was angry. Maybe at himself for getting caught, but angrier at the group members for catching him. In his dealings with the 38 group members he expressed this anger many times, alternately making excuses and threats, accusations, promises, and derogatory language toward some female members of the group. Significantly, Turner/Khan consistently tried to maintain control of his investors, dictating terms of how money would be paid and what process used.

Dealing With Doede Osman Khan (2)

On 29 Apr 2019, Turner/Khan posted the following (spelling and grammar left in original form): "As some of you may have thought i am some sort of scammer due to my personal issues i have been facing for the past 4 months this is far from the truth.... in the coming days i am going to create a new email and will require you all to email me your payment details, not in BTC as i have no access to any of my BTC accounts due to the issues i am facing, what this is personal and i will not be discussing it publicly, if i was a scammer i would simply vanish and let you all do what you got to do and deal with the consequences, this is not in my nature neither am i that kind of a person, What happened between myself and Chiara is also personal and i will deal with that with that once i have made sure all of you are looked after and back on track. please notes i am not going to be trading, however i will keep providing trade signals as per usual, Please note, starting May 2019 i will be paying amounts back from my own pocket as i do not have access to the BTC we had to trade, where it is i do know but i cannot tell you as when a member of your family fucks you over its very embarrassing and i cannot hurt them, what i can do is look after my friends as i all consider you as friends and some of us go way back and we have done deals before, im sure once this is behind us we will speak again. have faith all will be ok, it will only take me slightly longer. If some want to be difficult and not be understanding then thats fine with me, however it will not make it any easier for me to try and do the right thing, probably just make it more difficult then it already is."

In this statement, Daniel still thinks he can 'vanish'; he does not realize the group knows his real name. He also tried to convince everyone that he had lost all of the BTC, not realizing that group members could see that he moved 16 BTC from CSG accounts to his personal account on 31 Mar 2019, far past the date when he said money had been stolen from him. He also tried to blame his unwillingness to pay his investors on his business partner. What about the other stories he told? What about the family member who stole his money? What about his wife's divorce? What about his son's problems in Holland? He must have forgotten all about these others stories he told. It is also worth noting that Doede claims he will be 'paying amounts back from my own pocket'; group members assert that it is not his money, it is BTC that belongs to his investors, but he still thinks of it as 'his'. Another thing that the group objected to was a requirement for their email and other contact information. As Daniel had already proven himself to no longer be trustworthy, many group members did not want to give Daniel any more personal information. Why did Daniel need it? He already has the wallet numbers of all of the group members, and he could have talked to any of the group members at any time using Telegram. Why this need for more personal information? Even more important: by 29 Apr 2019 all of the CSG Bitcoin wallets had zero Bitcoin in them; where did Daniel hide 150 BTC (about $521,000 US Dollars) worth of Bitcoin fees and investments?

Dealing With Doede Osman Khan (3)

On 30 Apr 2019, Turner/Khan posted the following: "Tomorrow i will share the Email address will and a form will be uploaded here to be filled, please fill it and feel free to add your comments to the email and i will communicate with you all via email . It will be tomorrow evening, Central Europe time as i am currently in the Netherlands. UK is not a place i can travel to at the moment."

Group members were able to prove that while Doede was claiming to be in the Netherlands he was actually in the UK due to the date-time information on his message. The group members saw this a yet another excuse and delaying tactic by Turner/Khan. Turner/Khan also claimed that he would set up a conference call with group members in the coming week, but never did.

Dealing With Doede Osman Khan (4)

On 03 May 2019, Turner/Khan posted the following: "Right....(RD) today I started a chat group in where i have asked everyone that is owed BTC from CSG will get paid, for me to calculate everything accurately i need the following details, you have to understand i am not made of money as some suggest and most of the BTC that was in the CSG wallet was stolen from me by a family member who I trusted with my life and was also the one trading without my permission whilst i had some family issues to resolve.... however this does not change the fact that you are still owed, yes i fucked up yes it is my fault! No i wont scam you No i wont run of with anything! I needed some time to resolve my personal problems and i did.... now back to the topic, pay you back! This i will do as follows: Send me proof of payment via email with screenshots. Name: Date of payment: Amount: Wallet Address: I will pay everyone according to what the BTC was worth on the day they paid it to CSG, this is because i have to purchase BTC at the price it is now and this is not cheap to do, once everyone is paid then i will sit down with Chiara and sort out my differences with her, I thought she was crypto girl and i lashed out for which i owe her an apology... i was angry because i was trying to sort everything out and had created a group for this and then i get sent threats and a blog post with rubbish on it about me, some is true but not much, anyway chiara knows what I’ve been through recently and i hope she doesn’t take it to heart. This is my offer on the table, its take it or we settle things in court which is also fine but it will probably take a very long time and be costly to both sides before settled but the result will be probably be the same as what i have offered. I will try and pay every one within May/June. BINANCE have blocked my account and so has Bitpanda, this might be the work of Crypto Girl but thats fine! wish they could have done that before i was screwed by a family member, i now have to use alternative ways to buy BTC which can be a pain so please bare with me, all that send me the info requested will then get an email back from me confirming receipt. I can only apologise for the screwup and i will do what i can to fix it, but without cooperation from you guys this will be impossible... email address to send it to is: cryptodominatormaster@gmail.com I will close the other chat now.

Doede Osman Khan Has Assets

Doede Osman Khan claims he is a poor man, but the group members do not believe him. In addition to his personal Bitcoin wallets at legitimate organizations like Binance and BitPanda (estimated as holding at least 150 BTC, or over $500,000 US Dollars), Daniel owns a house worth over £240,000, and has been involved with over 10 companies between Mar 2012 and Apr 2019, at least two of which are currently active: Prime Power Solution Ltd (#11682507, created on 15 Nov 2018) and RDS Property Management Limited (#113512522, created on 09 May 2018). Khan, under the alias of Turner, spent months telling his group members how successful he was as a businessman and that he was independently wealthy; it is strangely convenient for him to suddenly claim to have no money to pay his investors. As he has in the past, Doede Osman Khan will tell other people that he does not owe us our money, claiming we are 'haters', or we are jealous of his success, or that we have no proof, as he appears to have done so many times in the past.

Our Next Step

Doede Osman Khan alias Daniel Turner promised to pay back investments during the period of May to Jun 2019. As of 11 Jul 2019 he has made no attempt to contact his investors or pay them back their BTC investments. After patiently waiting for two months, the group has decided it is time to convince Turner/Khan that he needs to start fulfilling his promises.

The Accusations Against Doede Osman Khan (alias Danial Turner)

The members of the group informally known as 'The People V Danny Turner' has, as of 14 Apr 2019, accused the entity known as Doede Osman Khan (alias Daniel Turner, alias Crypto Signals Group, alias Trading Signals) of attempting to defraud them of their memberships and investments by his conduct and actions. While the accusation of a crime remains to be proven in a court of law, the group members have determined that an act of fraud had been committed against them, and has been reported to a law enforcement agency, for the following reasons.

  • Failure of Khan/Turner to pay dividends on investments owed to group members on a scheduled date of 13 Mar 2019
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to pay dividends on investments owed to group members on a scheduled date of 04 Apr 2019
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to pay dividends on investments owed to group members on a scheduled date of 13 Apr 2019
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to notify investors that he intended to close his business operations
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to notify investors that he intended to close his business websites
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to notify investors that he intended to close his Telegram-based communications channels
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to notify investors that he intended to change the name of his business operations
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to provide investors with a reasonable explanation for closing websites/operations/channels
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to provide investors with a reasonable explanation for changing business titles/logos
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to provide investors with an alternative method of communication or legal contact
  • Failure of Khan/Turner to respond to queries to his telephone and emails from his business partner and investors
  • Failure to offer an estimated 130 persons with business memberships a return of their lifetime membership fees
  • Failure to offer an estimated 53 persons with a return of their investments used for trading bot operations
The Status As A Business Entity Against Doede Osman Khan (alias Danial Turner)

On 29 Apr 2019, over 30 days after the first missed payment date, the original 38 members of the group informally known as 'The People V Danny Turner' came to a common consensus that the entity known as Doede Osman Khan (alias Daniel Turner, alias Crypto Signals Group, alias Trading Signals) was not operating as a legitimate business operation should, identifying that a legitimate business operation would have conducted the following actions.

  • Would have sought investor permission to delay and/or default on scheduled payments
  • Would not claim to have lost access to BTC wallets holding investor funds due to divorce proceedings without evidence
  • Would not claim to have lost investor funds due to theft by a family member without evidence
  • Would not claim to have lost investor records due to having his email hacked without evidence
  • Would not claim to have lost investor records due to having his records destroyed by an unknown third party without evidence
  • Would not claim that his business partner has all of the investor funds without evidence
  • Would not claim that he was in another country helping a family member with housing difficulties to avoid responding to communications
  • Would not delete all Telegram
  • based communication channels that investors used to inhibit the ability of investors to talk to each other and Khan/Turner
  • Would not delete all social networking accounts that were used to operate the business organization without notice to investors
  • Would not delete all websites that were used to operate the business organization without notice to investors
  • Would not move the remaining business funds of 19 BTC (worth over £66,000 UK Pounds) to his personal Bitcoin wallet on 31 Mar 2019
  • Would not tell his business partner on 03 Apr 2019 to delete all records and block all contact with former investors and members
  • Would not claim to have lost all the investment funds given to him and then take his family on vacation to a resort in Wales for two weeks
  • Would not claim to have lost all the investment funds given to him and then claim to have hired three law firms for civil actions
  • Would have attempted to pay back investments on his own initiative after promising to do so during negotiations with his investors
  • Is not entitled to any protection as a business entity by failing to be a properly registered or unregistered company in the UK
  • Is not entitled to any protection as a business entity by failing to be a properly licensed business for operations in the UK
  • Is not entitled to any protection as a business entity by failing to declare bankruptcy or other corporate means of dealing with credit issues
  • Is not entitled to any protection as a business entity by failing to pay local or national taxes on profits gained
  • Is not entitled to any protection as a business entity by failing to pay employees the amounts owed in a timely manner

The People Vs Daniel Turner alias Doede Osman Khan